Liebster Award

Hi guys! I just found out that I have been nominated for my first Liebster Award – yay 🙂

It’s a fun way of sharing love for other beauty blogs and finding out about the beauty blogging community. A big ‘thank you’ to the lovely Ana from Beauty by Copperstar for nominating me. Please make sure you check out her blog.

Liebster Blog Award

First things first – here are the rules:

(*) You have to link back to the person that nominated you.
(*) You must answer all 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
(*) After completing these questions you must nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and give them 11 questions of your choice.
(*) You must not nominate the person who nominated you.
(*) You must let your nominees know that they have been nominated and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it.

And here are my answers:

1. What motivated you to start blogging?

I always enjoyed writing and I love sharing things with people, especially when it comes to beauty products. I think the beauty blogging community is great fun.

2. What is your favorite beauty item that you can’t live without?

That’s a tricky one, because it comes down to two things: blush and eyebrow powder. If I absolutely had to pick one, it would be blush. Currently I’m a huge fan of the Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle.

3. What is you favorite movie?

The one that always makes me feel good is ‘Enchanted’. Haha

4. What is your favorite type of food?

I’m a real sucker for a good dessert, like a slice of Blackforest cake. Anything creamy, really. Creamy spaghetti Carbonara, Brie on crusty bread, butter on crusty bread…You get the idea 🙂

5. At what age did you start wearing makeup?

I think I was probably around nine when I started experimenting with my mum’s lipsticks.

6. What is your favorite TV show?

I thought Breaking Bad was excellent and I also enjoy The Big Bang Theory. Used to be a huge Two and a half Men fan before Charlie Sheen messed it all up. And I like Rules of Engagement.

7. What is your favorite color?

Blue. Hands down. Powder blue, cobalt, any type of blue.

8. If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

Tom Cruise. Don’t judge me 🙂

9. Describe your dream vacation

Somewhere like the Maldives, snorkelling above colourful reefs or stretched out on the beach with the sea lapping at my feet.

10. What is on your wish list?

A classic quilted Chanel flap bag.

11. What is your favorite place to buy cosmetics?

Anywhere where I’m not hassled by sales people and can just try out stuff for hours.

These are the bloggers I nominate:

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And here are my questions for you:

1. When do you feel your best?

2. Have you ever experimented with colouring your own hair?

3. If you had to eat the same meal for seven days straight, what would it be?

4. Do you have a natural home remedy you swear by?

5. Is there a makeup artist you admire?

6. What is your life saving beauty product in the summer months?

7. What is the best concert you have been to?

8. Tea or coffee?

9. If you had to impress somebody with dinner, what would you cook?

10. Do you prefer lipstick, tinted balms or lip gloss?

11. Sparkly eye shadow. Good or bad idea?

Don’t forget to check the rules above and hope to read your answers very soon!

love, lou 🙂 x



About this Blog

Hi and welcome to my blog. I am so excited to share with you the things I’m passionate about. After all, discovering the perfect lipstick or most amazing cookie recipe is not as much fun if you can’t tell anybody about it! Life is all about sharing.

This blog started off primarily as a beauty and baking blog, and then I finally, happily and excitedly moved to New York in February 2014. So now you will also see a few New York related things thrown in along the way. Not only am I new to New York, but I’m also new to life in the US – I’m a Greek who was born and raised in Germany and spent the past 17 years in England (talk about identity crisis!).

I have a passion for organic skincare, beauty products, baking, walking around town taking pictures and I have a penchant for bakeries and a good cup of coffee. And I’m a real sucker for conversation. I love talking, I love listening to people and I gladly give my opinion on anything when asked.

So this blog is my coffee break – and hopefully yours, too. Keep dropping in for reviews of beauty products and snapshots of all things pretty, curious and sweet across the city. If I come across a good bakery or an organic skincare range worth shouting about, you’ll be the first to know!

Enjoy! And if you have anything to share, do so 🙂

love, lou x

Guten Tag! Back from Germany

I’m back from holiday and it’s blogging time again 🙂 Germany was great – it was wonderful spending time with family, the sun was shining and we even managed a couple of day trips to France and Switzerland (both easily accessible from the part of the Black Forest where my parents are). Both Strasbourg and Zürich are beautiful cities, although I was somewhat taken back by the hefty Swiss prices!

Aided by the glorious sunshine I managed to sample a fair amount of ice creams at the various ‘Eis Cafés’ in my hometown. Ice cream parlours are hugely popular in Germany and are mostly run by Italian families, who know a thing or two about the art of gelato. They have the most delightful home-made ice cream creations and the selection is so extensive it takes me ages to make up my mind. One particular sundae I got hooked on was the ‘Roasted Nut Cup’ – one scoop each of hazelnut, Stracciatella and vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream, roasted nuts and eggnog. Yes, seriously… eggnog in the middle of August. It was delicious – just take my word on this one. Here’s a picture to give you an idea of what I was looking forward to on most days around three o’clock:

Nobody can argue with this much whipped cream on top

After 15 years in the UK, it’s always refreshing to see how affordable good food is in Germany. There are so many family run businesses over there and great quality produce doesn’t cost the earth. Most restaurants offer fantastic lunch menus for around 8 Euros (just over £6), with decent sized portions and outstanding quality. And then there are all the farmers’ markets, which are a joy to visit. Fresh fruit and vegetables are so readily available and organic produce is not stupidly expensive. People can have a good standard of living on a regular salary. Germany might not seem the first choice for food lovers, but it really is worth visiting just for that.

My husband was particularly taken with the varieties of sausage over there – a decent German Curry Wurst in a crusty roll is ridiculously tasty when done right. One place worth mentioning is Martha’s, a little fast food place in the centre of Stuttgart. You really have to put aside any negative connotations ’fast food’ might have, though. We are talking about superb quality and locally sourced meats, crunchy paprika seasoned chips, Swabian breads and home made curry sauce. If you ever happen to travel to Germany and find yourself in Stuttgart with an appetite for a quick and hearty meal, make sure to check it out.

Unfortunately, my favourite bakery was closed whilst I was out there, as the family who owns it was on holiday….unlucky! I did, of course, still manage to get my hands on some decent cakes. Below is a picture of a cake selection for an afternoon in my parents’ garden:

The slice o n the right passed out from the heat

I have also, naturally, made some beauty purchases whilst I was away and will be reviewing them over the next few days. Hmmm…it’s now late afternoon and I’m pretty sure I was that bit happier when I was having my daily sundae 😉

love, lou x

Holiday coming up. Wunderbar!

Today I’m full of pre-holiday excitement. In a couple of days I’m off to the beautiful Black Forest in the South of Germany to see my family.  Blog wise it will be a bit quiet  as I will be enjoying long chats and lots of coffee with my sister. I’m hoping to post some pictures of cakes, as there will be plenty. I am, after all, going to the birthplace of the delectable Black Forest Gateaux, one of my all time favourite cakes! One of the highlights of my Germany trips is visiting all the independent bakeries and coffee shops they have there. Luckily, the chains have yet to dominate the German market.

When it comes to baking and coffee, the Germans have great tradition. The best example for this is their “Kaffeekränzchen” (literally ‘coffee crown’). It’s a social gathering based on coffee and cake. How awesome is that? 🙂 These are usually on a Sunday, when bakeries are busy with people buying mouth-watering selections of freshly made cakes.

Should I stumble across some good beauty products I will, of course, be sharing them. I will also be tweeting anything that doesn’t warrant an entire post. There’s only so much I can write about a buttered Brezel, as yummy as it is.

Apart from packing, I’m pretty much sorted and ready to go. There’s just a pile of ironing to work through (yawn) and a bit of shopping to do. I have a request for English scones I need to fulfill.

I had a pedicure this morning (what better way to get into the holiday spirit?) and chose Essie’s super lovely ‘Bikini so teeny.’ Thought the colour went well with my new wedges (on sale, yay!). Hope you approve 🙂

Yes, I always write my posts with my feet in mid-air 🙂

I’m also pretty excited to be flying with BA, which means Heathrow’s fabulous Terminal 5. Flying is just a lot more fun if you can indulge in a bit of shopping beforehand. It’s something I always look forward to and I do actually really like airports.

So it’s ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ from me for now. Have fun and don’t forget to stop and smell the coffee once in a while 🙂

love, lou x

Fifteen Things about Me

1.  People used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I changed my mind every five minutes. I’m grown up now (I think) and still change my mind every five minutes.

2.  I will never understand why people can’t be nicer to each other. Always have a smile for other people. Even if they think you’re mad.

3.  My favourite coffee is an Americano with a dash of pouring cream. And ideally, I would be dunking in an almond biscotti.

4.  When I was fifteen I wanted to marry Angus Young from AC/DC. I didn’t, but it’s okay. I did much better.

5.  I don’t do low fat. Ever. Have the real thing, and just eat less. It’s more natural and tastes tons better.

6.  I can spend hours in coffee shops. Literally. I have to be dragged out of the door.

7.  I love books.

8.  I love nature and wish people would respect it more. I pick up rubbish, even if it’s not mine. I hate litter.

9.  I value honesty in people. Even if hearing it might be difficult to swallow.

10. I could spend all day looking at beauty products.

11. I hugely enjoy baking. It’s worth it just to have the sweet smell drifting out of the oven.

12. It always touches me to see old couples holding hands. I hope that will be me one day.

13. I can’t hold a tune to save my life. But that doesn’t stop me.

14. I love travelling.

15. The best views are from the top and I wish I wasn’t so terrified of heights.