I’m one happy cool Vanilla – No7 Foundation Match Made Service

Ever since makeup virtuoso Lisa Eldridge announced the launch of No7’s Foundation Match Made Service last week, there’s been a real buzz on the High Street. The service promises a foolproof way of finding your perfect foundation with the aid of a little gadget, and has been launched alongside a completely new and modern look for the brand, which was created by Boots 77 years ago.

No7 has gone through a few revamps since its conception and whilst it’s a trusted brand with some highly praised skincare products, its makeup has never really made for exciting headlines. Personally, I have always found their makeup uninspiring and somewhat old-fashioned. The odd lipstick purchase certainly never made it onto my favourites list. And the No7 counter most certainly wasn’t my first stop when I was looking for a new foundation. In fact, it wasn’t a stop at all. I had, until now, largely ignored No7.

Well, No7 won’t be ignored much longer. With Lisa Eldridge as the creative director of the brand, the new counters and redesigned packaging look positively high-end. Formulas have been improved and colours added. But their main coup has to be the Match Made Service.

Here’s how the Match Made Service works: a small device is held against your jaw line.  There’s a click from the skin tone measuring part of the device once your skin colour has been analysed. The process is then repeated on the other side and a little display panel comes up with two shades best suited to you. I didn’t feel a thing and it only took a couple of seconds.

The main shade for me was Cool Vanilla and I was quite tempted by the sound of the Instant Radiance foundation. Containing vitamins C and E it promises to revitalise dull-looking skin. Sounded good to me.

Below is a very unflattering picture of the sample I was given. I didn’t want to buy the foundation straight away, but go home and try it for myself first. So apologies.

Not even my pretty nail colour can save this one 😀

As soon as the consultant started applying the foundation I had to ask her what brush she was using, as it felt so incredibly soft against my skin. It was the No7 foundation brush (£14.00) and a mental note has been made 😉 After finishing one half of my face I was asked to look in the mirror and see if I was happy with the colour, as  “Cool Beige” was also a match for me. When I looked at my reflection I was absolutely amazed at how good a match the foundation colour actually was and I was happy to stick with it.

Before I go any further, let me highlight the fact that this foundation is priced at £12.95. I have spent four times that amount on foundations that have ultimately disappointed me. The thing is, it’s easy to look in the mirror straight after a makeover and like the look of a foundation. The true test is how the foundation performs during the day.  If a foundation looks great first thing in the morning but leaves me with dry skin at the end of the day, it’s no good.

Well, turns out this liquid foundation is a top performer. It glides on easily, feels so comfortable on the skin and whilst the appearance is not “dewy”, it’s definitely radiant! Even late into the evening, my foundation had maintained its freshly applied appearance. My cheeks, miraculously, weren’t dry and my forehead wasn’t shiny.  My skin looked so smooth and fresh, I couldn’t wait to wake up this morning and try out the foundation again. I was so hoping this product wasn’t a one trick pony!

Today, I am more than happy to report that the incredible performance was not down to stars aligning yesterday. The Instant Radiance Foundation really is great. The best way of describing it is “intelligent.” The formula really works with my skin and there is no unflattering settling into fine lines  – it’s flexible, stays put and skin looks smooth. The foundation provides enough coverage to even out the skin tone but does not leave the skin looking made up. I looked at the foundation in natural daylight (several times!) and love how it just blends into my skin. Seriously, what a result!

This particular foundation comes in twelve shades and the downside is that for darker skin tones there are’t that many hues to choose from. So if you have dark skin, the shade variety of say, Bobbi Brown, might be a better option.

No7 is now also available in the US and I will definitely be buying this as soon as my sample has finished. Actually…Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on No7 products at the moment. So I think I might have to visit Boots tomorrow. Hey, it makes financial sense, right? 😉

Have a great week-end!

love, lou x


2 thoughts on “I’m one happy cool Vanilla – No7 Foundation Match Made Service

  1. mandy Westbrook says:

    Hi I have just been colour matched to cool vanilla and would ha e liked to get more lip colour but I didn’t pick up the chart any ideas ?

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